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Integrierte Planung mit Szenarien - Handlungsalternativen simulieren

22. Mai

16:00 - 16:45

The Digital Twin 
for your

Corporate Management.

You have the data. We have the model.



Navigate with agility in a volatile world



Simulate decision options with a simple push of a button


Begin today and witness the first results in 30 days


Controlling and AI, united in one solution

Banish the Excel behemoths

that erode your trust!

AI-supported business planning

Explore AI-enhanced, agile business management. With the CasaComplete model, access real-time analysis, propel innovation with dependable forecasts, and unveil tangible growth opportunities. Clarity in a world facing numerous crises. Just a click away.


Sofort mehr Zeit für die Unternehmenssteuerung.
Komplexität beherrschbar machen.

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The Large 


Mastering complexity

The exclusive model featuring your company's digital twin. Elevate your future designs with unparalleled quality and speed.

The model automatically aligns 80% with your company upon initial data transfer through our proven FastTrack method, ensuring swift implementation. We validate the model using your historical data, establishing a planning foundation that allows ongoing adaptation, addition, and design of pertinent drivers for the future.

Quick introduction through predefined control logic
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Your economically astute and targeted analysis of deviations: What was planned? What does the current data indicate? What strategies are yielding returns? Where is the company incurring losses? What adjustments does the forecast demand?

The Comprehensive Controlling Model swiftly offers actionable insights for your decision-making spectrum. What yields the most immediate impact? What requires sustainable development?

This method ensures control over your success in the next quarter and strategically positions your company for a three-year outlook.

Demand Planning

Production Planning

Personnel Planning

Cost center planning

Investment planning



Offer calculation





Balance sheet

Cash Flow


Margin Contribution

Mgmt. Result Statement



Key figures

Balanced Scorecard

The CasaComplete model – your digital controller in daily business.

Annual planning is a thing of the past. Modern corporate management is agile & accessible at the push of a button, anytime.


our Competence
for free

Step 1:

Our commitment: Irrespective of your current software, we offer a minimum of three tailored approaches to enhance control and financial processes in your company.

We aim to briefly understand your company beforehand to provide tailored insights.

Start with a quick

15-minute initial chat.

Step 2:

Join a 30-minute chat with our founder for insights.

Our founder, Dr. Gottfried Bauer, personally invests time to discuss optimization ideas with you. With expertise and experience from over 400 controlling projects, he draws parallels from his rallying career, recognizing the value of a perfect co-driver to secure a position at the forefront with manageable risk.

Agile controlling

Pursue continuous optimization.

Maintain the cycle of Plan - Implement - Analyze - Adjust. In a volatile world, there are no ready-made recipes. The most suitable strategy for navigating the complexity of businesses is to optimize systematically. Repeat the cycle, always at the next level. This agile loop is the key to successfully steering your company into the future.


Embark on your journey with specific modules?


Commence promptly with selected individual modules of your choice—whether it's sales planning, personnel, or investment planning, each standing independently. As you aspire to elevate your planning accuracy, seamlessly interconnect them with additional modules that integrate directly with the existing ones.

With which modules

would you like to start?

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on Demand.

Industrial companies have never had the capability to respond to crises or growth potential with such speed and reliability. Enter Planning on Demand with CasaComplete.

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Company future plans at the push of a button

Group 221.png
Group 221.png

Planning, exactly when you need it.

Dependable decision-making scenarios.


No more endless Excel spreadsheets, eroding your trust.

Group 345.png

Experience the advantage of a simulation model, providing all planning information at the touch of a button in real time.

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The User

Ellipse 15.png
Managing growth
Ellipse 15.png
Accurate forecasts
Ellipse 15.png
Single source of truth - all data always up to date
Ellipse 15.png
Scenario management
Ellipse 15.png
Ganzheitliche, agile Unternehmensplanung
Ellipse 15.png
360 degree view
Simple and familiar – user interface in a table structure.
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Group 221.png

flexible dashboards

Group 221.png


Group 221.png

Roles and permissions system

The CasaComplete model swiftly integrates with the numbers and data already available in your company. Gain instant transparency for informed business decisions. Step by step, use the model to identify additional relevant parameters, enhancing forecast quality. Planning reliability at the touch of a button.

Web-based user interface
Modern, user-friendly interface

Pricing Models.

Regardless of whether you are a medium-sized company or a corporation:


Tailor your optimal introduction to the CasaComplete solution with us. Whether through subscription or purchase, the license is applicable to all legal entities in your company.

Low investment.

Maximum overview.

A comprehensive controlling approach starts at €15,000, covering all project

and license costs.

Customer Testimonials about CasaComplete

Saint-Gobain reference customer
Melec's reference customer
Karl Pfandlsteiner,  Finance Director, Saint-Gobain
Austria GmbH
Erich Lampel,
managing director,

"Since implementing CasaComplete, we analyze multiple scenarios before finalizing plans or forecasts. This precision has significantly improved our goal achievement, fostering confidence and responsiveness in decision-making by considering all relevant aspects."

"Over the past 12 years, our company has grown more than fourfold since adopting CasaComplete, reaching 1,800 employees and €450 million in sales. The escalating competitive landscape compelled us to enhance control through contribution margins, optimizing and positively shaping results. The recent success of the company validates this strategic approach. Despite global expansion, the number of employees in controlling has increased by just one to five. CasaComplete has played a pivotal role in this positive trajectory."

IFW reference customer
Robert Steindler, Head of Finance
ifw Manfred Otte GmbH

"Thanks to the profound expertise in both business and IT, the system supporting daily decisions was implemented in a remarkably

short time."

Solutions instead of Software.

You find our model intriguing but hesitant to invest in new planning software? Benefit from our expertise gained through over 500 industrial integrations in a personalized consultation. Explore potential new planning parameters that could elevate your business.

Interested in our advice? Our Alliance Partner Network connects you with knowledgeable professionals from your industry to guide you on your journey, often in close proximity, minimizing travel expenses.

Experience digital transformation with our seasoned consultants, all of whom have held operational controlling roles and worked in industrial companies. Our consulting approach addresses current and future challenges, offering solutions or providing temporary management to bridge staffing gaps.

Controlling software

Transform your business, overcome personnel shortages, increase profitability. Talk to us.

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