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mac Software GmbH

Software for database-based controlling applications.

The core of the macs architecture is a multi-dimensional data model that can be quickly and flexibly adapted depending on the respective data evaluation purpose, in which numerical values (facts) are stored in separate data types with keying to technical reference objects
(storage entities).

There is one in macs for processing and analyzing data
Extensive range of tools available, such as pivot planning. The transformation of data is possible with the help of (general) rules. The interactive visualization of the data in the macs database is possible
Dashboards possible.


PNC is the professional IT service provider for medium-sized companies in all industries with high demands on the corporate network. With the approach of holistic IT support, the system house covers all requirements for a sophisticated IT system in the company. The portfolio extends from infrastructure projects and hardware installations, to IT support and consulting, to complex IT project management. PNC attaches great importance to the reliability of the installed components and their compatibility with one another, as well as to the professional implementation of projects.

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