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You decide how we start.


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A holistic one
The controlling approach starts at €15,000 including all project and license costs.
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Are you an SME?

SMEs get started with our pioneering pricing model and use of theCC FASTTRACK with a budget of €15,000 for the introduction and a monthly subscription of € 750, for example for sales planning without wasting the chance to successively add further levels (modules) that work fully integrated from the first second. The standard subscription includes a sufficient number of simultaneous users. Any number of users can be registered and granted permissions. 

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Large company?

If you want to start immediately - no problem. In our Alliance Partner Network we always find the right people close to you.

Large companies and corporations benefit from the possibility of this license modelindividual pricingbased on the levels (modules) and functions you want to use. License costs do not relate to individual legal entities but rather the license can be used company-wide or group-wide. 


This is also important in order to be able to use the integrated automatic results consolidation. The implementation costs can be kept comparatively low by using your own staff, who have access to the casa complete process model for the introduction as a knowledge base. This is available free of charge as a digital tool. In addition, data science specialists in the company can run Python programs with full access to the casa complete database directly in the solution. 

Better, but
no different!

The Casa model contains the German industrial account framework

as a base:

A company's accounts can be easily mapped to these (standard) accounts and also overwrite the name so that you can continue to work in the company's semantics. This method ensures that all model rules for simulations, forecasts and planning work but that the company's terminology is retained. 

The data is first read in as provided by the source systems, transformed as extensively as possible using the intelligent interface, and missing data is automatically supplemented according to rules.  

Then the data quality can be examined and improved in comparison to the data provided by the model adapted to the company. 

These identified improvements must then also be implemented in the previous systems. 

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You don't want to invest in new planning software at the moment?

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Use our holistic model of consulting input 

and discover planning parameters that will give your business a boost.

We help you with our experienced consultants, all of whom have already worked in operational controlling functions in industrial companies, to transform your organization in the finance and controlling area, to solve problems or to bridge personnel bottlenecks with temporary management.

We transform, solve

Problems and help you deal with staff shortages


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