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How is the Casa model integrated into your company structure? And what do we need for that?

The increasing dynamics of the markets and multiple crises in our VUCA world make it almost impossible to predict developments and create valid forecasts for the company using conventional methods. 


Nevertheless, there seems to be no alternative to the annual planning rituals, even in these volatile, unpredictable times. They are more time-consuming than ever before, characterized by a lack of staff and usually diluted by subjective impressions.


Especially at the decision-making level, there is a growing uneasy feeling of not taking all the parameters into account and of being misled by distorted or incorrect data or Excel quantities that are no longer comprehensible. 

casa complete is a solution, a software that puts an end to this.


A new type of planning and control where you have everything in view end-to-end. 

What options do you have at CasaComplete to integrate the model into your company?

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3 types of integration

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Casa model is installed in the customer's IT infrastructure.

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Casa model will run via Azure or AWS on a server with a VPN connection to the company network

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External cloud

External cloud infrastructure is set up with a turn-key solution from CasaComplete for a fixed price

The principles of agility in integration:

The following also applies to data transfer: 

The data is taken over in its existing state, refined at the interface using intelligent methods and then gradually revised in iterative cycles in the CC. This guarantees a quick start and high efficiency in increasing data quality because the CC functionality can support this with intelligent analysis.  


It is important that the planning is already mapped accurately and in high quality and thus represents the specification for the data quality of the actual data. 


If there are quality problems with actual data at the beginning, this becomes apparent in the comparisons at the detailed levels. But in the end it's true. 

Our focus is on people.

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Get to know.
You decide.

Take part in our video calls where we tell you about our product.

What are the challenges for you in corporate planning, especially in these times?

If you like the model, you have two options:

• Partial integration

• Full integration

• Advice


to your digital twin?

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