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The technology
behind the solution.

We work with the best partners for your solution.

and know-how

ERP access.

macs works smoothly in conjunction with any ERP system. Regardless of whether the data comes from Microsoft Dynamics NAV, Microsoft Dynamics AX, BSI, Integra, Majesty, SAP, Infor or over 50 other systems, macs reliably integrates them all without any interface costs from the ERP manufacturer.


System independent

Data from different source systems come together in macs. Even if other company units or areas work with different systems.

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Planning and controlling are possible across all departments and consistently at all levels. It is controlled decentrally and is therefore everyone’s business. Macs relieves the burden on key levels without media disruption.



mac's consultants bring cross-industry and diverse business and methodological knowledge and discuss possible solutions with the controlling department on an equal footing.

In macs, all partial plans are networked and driver-based. macs thereby enables integrated overall planning of sales, sales, conditions, material and capacity requirements, preliminary, subsequent and ongoing calculations, WIP determination, cost center accounting, step-by-step contribution margin accounting, profit and loss statement, balance sheet and cash flow.

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